Survival Tips For House Officers Part 2


11. Handle yourself well when dealing with difficult people. Feeling victimized, bullied and discriminated? After reflecting on yourself, i suggest you pluck some courage to meet face to face. Clarify, admit your mistakes and make peace. InshaAllah things will be fine.

12. Treat your patients as if they are your family/relatives. If you want your parents to be treated in a good manners, you should do it to your patients. Remember what goes around comes around. Always motivate your patients, you will feel it at the same time.

13. Express your love to your spouse everyday. Using her/his love language. Let him/her know how much his/her support meant to you. Share your ups and downs, laughter and tears. Thank Allah everyday for giving you this special person.

14. Be sincere in treating your patients, be gentle and caring. Control your anger and frustration, avoid explosive emotional outburst in front of your patients. If you really need to release the steam, do it in the washroom with the tap running (crying for example). I consider it as a form of anger management.

15. Keep ahead what is happening around you, medical or non medical. Local or global. Anything. Read papers, journals and magazines. Listen to news, bulleting, podcast, and engage in general discussion. Have your own opinions. You are a doctor now. People will know what is going on in your brain.

16. ¬†Always extend a helping hand to your peers/colleague HOs. That’s the only way to ensure help comes your way the next time you desperately need one. Less of ‘Me, myself and I’ please. More of ‘We and Us’. Be a sporting team member. Will you?

17. Make effort to remember names of your patients. Address them appropriately. If you’re greeting them for the first time. Greet as ‘Puan, Encik or Cik’, ‘madam, miss, mr’. Not ‘makcik, pakcik, uncle, auntie’. Make a quick glance of the patient’s name and address them accordingly. They will be impressed how professional you are.

18. Endure the dissapointment when you discover the realities of the system. Witnessing unprofessional, unethical conducts far from what you learnt in med school? Feeling upset, angry and demoralized? Good, at least you can be an agent of change in the future!

19. Learn to read your consultants/specialist minds. What do they want from HOs? Dedication, commitment, eagerness to learn, willingness to be corrected and guided. Give them those, they won’t make your life miserable.

20. Keep your room in the HO’s quarters clean, tidy and cheerful. Hire a keeper if you could afford one. Throw away all the rotten let-overs. Buy an air-fresheners and some flowers. Pull up the curtains, left the sunlight in. It’s supposed to be a bed room not a cave.

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