Survival Tips For House Officers Part 1


These tips credited to the one who wrote it. Obviously not me since I’m still new in this world of houseman.

1. Set your intentions right. It’s neither about the money, the highly respected position and the power. It is about PUBLIC SERVITUDE. Serving those who are in need  of healthcare. Only after you have served well, then only you can deserve the rewards, privileges and rights allocated for medical practitioners.

2. Have the right attitudes. Being the most junior house officer in the team. You really have to catch up and learn. Never pretend you know everything. Never hesitate to admit that  you do not know, to ask question and assistance. Respect to those who are more experienced than you. People with the right attitude are welcome wherever they go, always, all the time.

3.Put your best smile and outstanding manners. Greet everyone with cheerful salam. No matter how busy you are, dont forget to move temporo-mandibular joints and carve out a big smile. It will stimulate a fountain of endorphins in your neuron synapes and the ‘feel good’ feeling will sink in. Dont believe it? Just try and see.

4. Work extra hard to convince people you are reliable, responsible, accountable, and able to complete tasks and meet expectations- within the first two weeks! Once people know you are committed, you’ll gain their trust, respect, and cooperation.

5. Refresh your inner self with daily, constant spiritual input. For Muslims, don’t neglect you 5 times daily prayers, no matter how busy you are. You really need that 5-20 minutes regular breaks. It acts as cooling oasis for you to rejuvenate.

6. Mend your bruised heart and dented self-esteem, quickly and effectively. Each time you received unpleasant reminders of your incompetency and shortcoming from your seniors. It’s part and parcel of the job. Admit your mistake but try hard not to repeat them. To err is human, but to keep doing the same error is a major blunder.

7. Keep in touch with your loved ones; parents, spouses, close-friends, teachers, etc. Don’t shut out your life, which mainly linger around your wards, call roster and private room now. There is more to life out there than just work or crashing into bed to recover from sleep deprivation.

8. Make friend with the nurses. Don’t be their enemy. Life would be much easier if you know how to win their hearts.

9. Forgive those who raised their voices at you. They might be angry patients, stressed up MOs, overwhelmed colleagues, frustrated consultants, irritated nurses tec. Nobody had ever shouted at you before, eh? Being a HO, anticipate your first experience here. Forgive them, forget them and live on. After all, we are all just humans living in the same pressure cooker. Ain’t we?

10. Thank god for the honor of being His instrument/tool of Mercy to mankind. A great opportunity is at your doorstep to catapult your good self to be bigger than life. Grab that opportunity and seize the golden moments. Nothing compares with the feeling of satisfaction whenever your patients and relatives say. Thank  you doc!